Scott Singer sees all sides of a dispute and helps bring those insights to parties to help them reach common ground. As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Mediator, Scott has successfully mediated complex commercial disputes. Scott’s extensive experience as a litigator enables him to help the parties understand that mediation is a chance to take control of their dispute, and save time, money, and anguish over long and costly fighting in the courts. He has honed his craft in finding common ground through years of high-profile, public policy decisions that have involved businesses, residents, neighborhood groups, and special interests. Scott is also a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator. He’d be happy to help you get past a dispute and on with more productive efforts.

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Litigation and Business Disputes

Scott has more than a decade of experience in representing major global corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, and individuals in federal and state courts across the nation. His broad experience in litigation and dispute resolution includes cases concerning complex contractual issues, employment discrimination, real estate disputes, partnership disputes, restrictive covenants, civil rights claims, intellectual property, trade secrets, securities fraud, and bankruptcy. He has delivered successful results for his clients. Scott can help you present a strong case with the goal of getting you a favorable and quicker resolution.

General Counsel Services

Scott serves as an outside general counsel to companies in a diverse group of industries. He has the ability to quarterback a company’s legal needs by spotting issues and addressing them proactively. Scott provides small businesses with the legal counsel they need and often overlook. Avoid the mistake of not reaching out to a lawyer for a review of an important contract or dispute with a customer or vendor. Scott is eager to help stop your problems before they begin or get worse.

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