Few mediators bring experience in high-stakes negotiations as a lawyer, principal, and mediator.

Lawyer's hands drafting photo

Fewer still  have spent years in the public arena, working among strongly conflicting opinions and many stakeholders to find common ground. Scott uses these skills to help parties understand each others’ points of view. By fostering better understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and shared goals and obstacles, Scott has helped parties reach better results and saved them time, money, and wasted effort in fighting a prolonged battle.

Scott earned his certification as a circuit mediator from the Florida Supreme Court, and is also a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator.  He has continued his studies of negotiating and mediating processes with post-certification training from the Dispute Resolution Center.

With courts backlogged and trial dates long postponed because of Covid-19, now is even a better time to use mediation as a tool for getting results. Scott is available when lawyers and parties need. He offers virtual mediations, with additional availability after business hours.